10th GAM Senior/Mid-Am Team Championship
Flint Golf Club ()
TPC Michigan (Tournament Players Club of Michigan)
Oakland University Golf & Learning Center (R & S Sharf Course)
May 20, 2019
Presented By:
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Because of the high popularity of this tournament, registration is NOT conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Rather, you must register within the registration window to be placed in the lottery for course assignment. THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE TO SIGNING UP AS SOON AS REGISTRATION OPENS AT 8:00 AM ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6.

Once again, the GAM Senior/Mid-Am Team will be held on three separate 18-hole courses. Flint GC, TPC Michigan, and Oakland University G&LC-Sharf will each host a segment of the field. This 36-hole portion of the tournament will take place on Monday, May 20. The morning round will be four-ball format and the afternoon round will be foursomes format (alternate shot). 

Should there be more entries within the one-month window than spots available in the field, a waiting list will be created. Should any team that registers within the window not get into the field a full refund will be issued. Team index and time of registration within the window will have no bearing on your likelihood of getting in the field. The only team guaranteed a spot in the field will be the defending champions.

The lottery for site assignment will take place after the registration window has closed. In order to create relatively equal strength of field at each course, teams will be sorted in to three pools based on combined team Handicap Index and an equal number of teams from each pool will be placed at each venue. We cannot honor requests for a certain site.

Who: Men, Teams consisting of one Mid-Amateur and one Senior
When: May 20th
Where: Flint GC (Flint), TPC Michigan (Dearborn), Oakland Univ. G&LC-Sharf (Rochester Hills), Finals: Barton Hills CC (Sept. 26)
Format: 18-Holes Four-Ball (AM), 18-Holes Foursomes (PM)