The GAM Senior Match Play will be at Stoatin Brae in Augusta in 2020. A new course with links characteristics, Stoatin Brae is an exciting addition to the GAM Tournament Schedule. After one round of stroke-play qualifying, the field will be sized down to the low 32 Seniors and low 16 Super Seniors left to battle it out in match play. Entry fee includes use of a cart and the driving range prior to play, as well as lunch for players on the first day of the tournament.

Who: Men, Seniors (55+) Super Seniors (65+). Entrants must have an active GAM Membership and a Handicap Index of 10.4 or less.
When: Tuesday - Friday, May 26-29
Where: Stoatin Brae (Augusta)
Format: 18-Holes of Stroke Play Qualifying, Low 32 Seniors and Low 16 Super Seniors advance to match play


Tuesday, May 26 – 18 holes, stroke play; the low 32 Senior Players qualify for Match Play & Low 16 Super Senior Players qualify for Super Senior Match Play Division 

Match Play: General numerical USGA draw shall be used. The stipulated round shall be extended to as many holes as required for a match to be won.

Wednesday, May 27: Morning – 16 Matches for Senior Division & 8 Matches for Super Senior Division
Wednesday, May 27: Afternoon – 8 Matches for Senior Division

Thursday, May 28: Morning – 4 Matches for each Division
Thursday, May 28: Afternoon – 2 Semifinal Matches for each Division

Friday, May 29: Morning – Final Match for each Division