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Championship Field
Boys 12-and-Under Division
NameHome TownFlight
Alokam, VibhavYpsilantiBoys 12-and-Under Division
Brown, AidenChesterfield TownshipBoys 12-and-Under Division
Burk, DrewLapeerBoys 12-and-Under Division
Contreras, AlexOkemosBoys 12-and-Under Division
GIST, TYLERDAVISONBoys 12-and-Under Division
Grill, JackLansingBoys 12-and-Under Division
Ito, RyoWest BloomfieldBoys 12-and-Under Division
Johansson, NiklasPortageBoys 12-and-Under Division
Jones, IeuanAnn ArborBoys 12-and-Under Division
Kling, BenjaminKalamazooBoys 12-and-Under Division
Luciani, AngeloGrand RapidsBoys 12-and-Under Division
Miller, Drew East LansingBoys 12-and-Under Division
Novak, MatthewMattawanBoys 12-and-Under Division
O'Rourke, Ryan Bloomfield HillsBoys 12-and-Under Division
Patil, AarooshOkemosBoys 12-and-Under Division
Rushmore, BadenEast Grand RapidsBoys 12-and-Under Division
Sliwinski, ZacharySt. Clair ShoresBoys 12-and-Under Division
TeWinkle, WilGrand RapidsBoys 12-and-Under Division
Tillman, BrianGregoryBoys 12-and-Under Division
Verduzco, NickKalamazooBoys 12-and-Under Division
Boys 13-15 Division
NameHome TownFlight
Baer, MatthewBloomfield HillsBoys 13-15 Division
Barton, NathanBelmontBoys 13-15 Division
Beaudoin, JakeCharlevoixBoys 13-15 Division
Brown, MaxwellBloomfieldBoys 13-15 Division
Carroll, CharlieBirminghamBoys 13-15 Division
Chafty, RyanKalamazooBoys 13-15 Division
Chapman, HaydonMarshallBoys 13-15 Division
Chapman, HarrisonMarshallBoys 13-15 Division
Cojei, CarterSouth LyonBoys 13-15 Division
Comito, ChrisMacombBoys 13-15 Division
Contreras, MaxOkemosBoys 13-15 Division
cooper, masonlapeerBoys 13-15 Division
Cowland, CameronDexterBoys 13-15 Division
Dixon, JustinHaslettBoys 13-15 Division
Dixon, BrandonHaslettBoys 13-15 Division
English, BrocktonShelby TwshpBoys 13-15 Division
Faber, FosterHudsonvilleBoys 13-15 Division
Falk, BradenPortageBoys 13-15 Division
Franklin, RemingtonalleganBoys 13-15 Division
Geisler, JoeDeWittBoys 13-15 Division
Geisler, NicholasDewittBoys 13-15 Division
Gillespie, TylerGrand RapidsBoys 13-15 Division
Housler, CarterLansingBoys 13-15 Division
Kehoe, MurphyTraverse CityBoys 13-15 Division
Korson, JackGowenBoys 13-15 Division
Kuhn, JoshuaWaterfordBoys 13-15 Division
Kumar, DhruvnoviBoys 13-15 Division
Lavely, JoshKewadinBoys 13-15 Division
Lee, XavierAnn ArborBoys 13-15 Division
Lenartowicz, JeffreyNorton ShoresBoys 13-15 Division
Maser, MichaelSouth LyonBoys 13-15 Division
Mauro, AlekWindsorBoys 13-15 Division
McDermott, EvanSpring LakeBoys 13-15 Division
Nino, JohnNorthvilleBoys 13-15 Division
O'Rourke, MaxWest BloomfieldBoys 13-15 Division
O'Rourke, ColinTroyBoys 13-15 Division
Oman, ConnerWalkerBoys 13-15 Division
Pierce, SatchelUnionBoys 13-15 Division
Ramos, GarrettAdrianBoys 13-15 Division
Ried, PeytonMasonBoys 13-15 Division
Risner, CannonPleasant LakeBoys 13-15 Division
Samples, BobbyBrightonBoys 13-15 Division
Shen, EdwardAnn ArborBoys 13-15 Division
Smaka, ColeclarkstonBoys 13-15 Division
Stuart, JordanHartlandBoys 13-15 Division
Sui, JustinLake OrionBoys 13-15 Division
Wanless, LandonCaledoniaBoys 13-15 Division
Young, DylanFlat RockBoys 13-15 Division
Zhu, NeilNoviBoys 13-15 Division
Zubkus, JackAdaBoys 13-15 Division
Girls 12-and-Under Division
NameHome TownFlight
Babinski, IsabelleGrand RapidsGirls 12-and-Under Division
Bargamian, LilyGrosse IleGirls 12-and-Under Division
Harrison, GabrielleFarmingtonGirls 12-and-Under Division
Okrangley, CopelinCaledoniaGirls 12-and-Under Division
Pelon, AudreyNorthvilleGirls 12-and-Under Division
Pietila, AbbieBrightonGirls 12-and-Under Division
Girls 13-15 Division
NameHome TownFlight
Boczar, GraceCantonGirls 13-15 Division
Boczar, BridgetCantonGirls 13-15 Division
Cui, AllisonOkemosGirls 13-15 Division
Dy, AnciTraverse CityGirls 13-15 Division
Haque, SavannahRochester HillsGirls 13-15 Division
Her, NatedaLansingGirls 13-15 Division
Lan, JessicaBloomfield HillsGirls 13-15 Division
Shenoy, RheaOkemosGirls 13-15 Division
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