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GAM Member Club Benefits

USGA Authorized Handicap Services

  • The GAM uses the World Handicap SystemTM, which is the gold standard for handicapping across the country and world with millions of golfers using the system to ensure play is fair and equitable for golfers of all abilities.
  • USGA Tournament Management software powered by Golf Genius subscription is included in your GAM club membership. This software also includes league management and it can be used for outings and other events at your club. 
  • Members can post scores online using their desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.
  • Handicap Index® automatically updates DAILY.
  • GAM member clubs have their own administrative website ( where they can add new members, activate current members, post scores, print reports, send e-mail announcements to members and more!

Swing & Save

  • Advertise your facility through the GAM Swing & Save program. You decide on an offer you would like to extend to GAM members showing their current GAM Golf Card. You can change the offer as often as you would like throughout the season via your club administration area.

Course Rating

An official course rating allows golfers interested in maintaining a USGA Handicap Index® the ability to post scores for rounds played at your facility. The course rating service will keep your course in compliance for another 10 years and GAM member clubs get a complimentary 10-year re-rating. The GAM will provide the following as part of our course rating service:

  • Verified Yardage Measurements for each tee
  • Course RatingTM and Slope RatingTM for each tee
  • Stroke Index (Handicap Hole) Allocation for Men and Women
  • Ability to create "Hybrid or Combo" Course RatingTM and Slope RatingTM
GAM Membership Can Increase Your Bottom Line
  • You can give your members something more than the average golf course by offering the GAM membership! 
  • Offering GAM memberships can increase your revenue. Find out how! Contact the GAM membership department at to request information!
  • At the end of the year the GAM mails you a check for every member who registers online through the GAM Website.

Here is an example from a previous year. It truly pays to be a GAM Member Club!