Q.             Who is eligible to sign up for GAM Golf Days?

A.    Any GAM member with an active membership is eligible to play in GAM Golf Days. Players under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


     Q.    If I have a friend playing in the event can we be paired together?

     A.     Yes but all pairing requests must be received at least one week prior to the event. No changes will be made to pairings the day of the event.

     Q.    How are pairings made up for each Golf Day?

                 A.     Pairings are created by putting together players of similar ability according to current handicap index.

      Q.    Is lunch included in the entry fee?

A.    No food is included in your entry fee. Each club has different food service available during the Golf Days, all purchases are up to the player though.

      Q.    What is the format for Golf Days?

A.    Though the Golf Days primary function is to expose players to different courses throughout the state of Michigan we do offer a competition at each event. Each player is automatically entered into both Net and Gross divisions for Men and Women. All players receive 100% of their course handicap for the Net division. Players can only claim a prize in one division. The prize for a player placing in both divisions (net and gross) will be awarded in the division which the person would finish higher.

     Q.    What is the deadline for registering for a GAM Golf Day?

                 A.     All players must be registered one week prior to the scheduled GAM Golf Day.

     Q.    An event is full, how can I put my name on the waiting list?

     A.     To put your name on the waiting list contact the Golf Days Coordinator. The GAM will keep a waiting list for all full Golf Days.


     Q.    I am on the waitlist for an event what are the chances of getting called to participate?

     A.     We never know when we will get a withdrawal from a particular event. The GAM will go through each player on the waiting list in a fair and effective manner in an effort to make sure each spot is filled.

Q.    If I show up the morning of an event to fill in is there a chance I can play?

                     A.     We do occasionally have no shows or late cancellations for Golf Days. We do not  guarantee or encourage players to show up to fill in for this type of situation. If a player does show up to play we will allow for them to fill in given there is a spot available. As a “fill in” this player must be a GAM member and must still pay the entry fee. As a “fill in” there is no guarantee that the player can play in a requested pairing either, they will play in the spot that opens up due to the no show or withdrawn player.

     Q.    What type of player participates in a GAM Golf Day?

     A.     Players of all age, sex, and ability play and are encouraged to play in Golf Days. There have been players who have used the Golf Days as practice rounds for GAM Championships and players who are able to get away with a friend for a round on an old favorite. No matter whom you are or how you play the game, the GAM Golf Day series is a great opportunity to take advantage of with your GAM Membership.

      Q.    Are these tee times events or shotgun events?

A.    All Golf Days are shotgun starts with various starting times. To check the starting time for an event that you are registered for contact the Golf Days Coordinator or look up the Golf Days section on the GAM Website and view the information for that event.

     Q.    What happens if I have to withdraw?

                 A.     Player’s giving more than a week’s notice of their withdraw can receive their entry fee refunded, minus a $15.00 transaction fee. Any withdraws received less than a week will not be entitled to a refund. An effort will be made to transfer your date to an upcoming Golf Day but a new date may not be reached due to demand or availability.

     Q.    What happens if it rains?

     A.     Like any GAM event we will still do our best to get the round in on the scheduled day. If an event is cancelled every effort will be made to notify participants. Players can always call or email the Golf Days Coordinator to get an update a voicemail message will be put on if there is a change of plans.

     Q.    Are these walking or riding events?

     A.     All GAM Golf Days are riding events. Each player’s entry includes their cart fees and must ride in an effort to keep pace of play in mind.