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A scratch golfer’s guide, by gender and tee So enough with the math lessons you say? What are the toughest courses in the state? Well, if you’ve read the accompanying story, you’ll know that there’s not one true answer — and slope is definitely not the true indicator. Not convinced yet? Consider this: A course with one of the highest slope ratings in the state isn’t on this list. That’s not to say Fieldstone GC isn’t a difficult course. It is. But its 148 slope does not translate to a list-topping scratch rating (74.9) or bogey rating (102.4.)

Still need to know what’s the “toughest”? Well, for argument’s sake, below are examples of some of the top scratch ratings for men and women on two sets of tees. As a public service, we’ve included the “bogey” rating for these courses. And just to belabor the point that a higher slope doesn’t necessarily mean tougher, we’ve put in those numbers, too.





Oakland Hills CC South
Course Rating  76.9 
Bogey Rating 103.8 
Slope  145 
Yardage 7445

Oakland Hills CC South
Course Rating 76
Bogey Rating 101.8
Slope 139
Yardage 7142

Walnut Hills CC
Course Rating 79.7
Bogey Rating 114.9
Slope 149
Yardage 6724

Dearborn CC
Course Rating 78.2
Bogey Rating 110.6
Slope 137
Yardage 6464

The Wyndgate
Course Rating 76.8
Bogey Rating 104.7
Slope 150
Yardage 7351

The Wyndgate
Course Rating 75.1
Bogey Rating 102.3
Slope 146
Yardage 6983

Clio CC
Course Rating 78.8
Bogey Rating 111.5
Slope 139
Yardage 6585

Battle Creek CC
Course Rating 77.5
Bogey Rating 109
Slope 134
Yardage 6532

Course Rating 76.6
Bogey Rating 103.9
Slope 147
Yardage 7239

Point O' Woods
Course Rating 74.9
Bogey Rating 100.8
Slope 139
Yardage 7106

U of Michigan GC
Course Rating 75.9
Bogey Rating 109.1
Slope 141
Yardage 6098

Crystal Downs
Course Rating 77.4
Bogey Rating 111.1
Slope 143
Yardage 6302