4th GAM Junior Invitational
Gull Lake Country Club
September 24 - September 25, 2016
Presented By:
Championship Results
4th GAM Junior Invitational
PlacePlayerRD 1RD 2Total 
1Nunn, Eric6770137Champion
Smith, Ben7166137
3Carroll, Ian7069139
4Sullivan, Patrick7169140
Fuentes, Tony7268140
6Sikkenga, Colin7071141
7Rayman, Tyler7171142
Deogun, Devin 7369142
9Niles, Sean7172143
Douglas, Bryce7271143
Piot, James7073143
12Qureshi, Imaad7272144
Smith, Coalter7668144
14Ulle, Mikey7274146
15Radom, Jake7572147
Mihalo, Nicholas7671147
17Kapke, Justin7375148
Nelson, Brandt7672148
Theros, Evan7573148
Rosendale, Zachary7474148
Morrissey, Pierce7375148
22Powers, Collin7871149
Sooch, Sean7277149
24DeLong, Charles7773150
25Comito, Anthony 7576151
Freel, Avry7972151
27O'Leary, Quinn7379152
28Livingston, Oliver7776153
Staab, James7776153
Sullivan, Tommy7776153
Dales, Jimmy 7974153
Mauro, Alek7974153
Anderson, Will8172153
34Healy, Kevin7975154
Holland, Sam7975154
36Mason, Carter8372155
37Comito, Chris8175156
Kosal, Noah7977156
VanGorder, Ben7779156
40Trela, Brent8079159
41VanderMolen, Jack 8379162
42Olsen, Jordan8083163
43Tallaire, Carter8779166
44Strong, Ben8089169
45Tuoriniemi, Wyatt8882170
46Meekhof, AugustWD
PlacePlayerRD 1RD 2Total 
1Reed, Olivia7275147
2Haque, Veronica7672148
3Dy, Anika7574149
4Ly, Jasmine7576151
5Cox, Nichole7874152
6Staskowski, Danielle7778155
7Lee, Katie Mina8577162
Livingston, Abigail8181162
9Lucia, Cammi8083163
Johnson, Paxton8479163
Nguyen, Serena8776163
12Wilkie, Madison9496190
Boys 15 & Under
PlacePlayerRD 1RD 2Total 
1Sui, Justin7672148
2Chapman, Haydon8173154
3Shen, Edward7980159
Girls 15 & Under
PlacePlayerRD 1RD 2Total 
1Sooch, Mia7974153
2Dy, Anci7877155
3Haque, Savannah8376159
4Henkel, Lilia8087167
5O'Neill, Jacque8386169
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