Register today for the Inaugural GAM Foundation TopGolf Challenge!

The Golf Association of Michigan is excited to announce the inaugural GAM Foundation Topgolf Challenge! The event will take place at Topgolf Detroit in Auburn Hills and has been rescheduled to Sunday September 22nd, 2-5pm. Grab your friends and join us for a fun afternoon supporting a great cause!

Open to all ages and ability levels, the day will feature a Topgolf tournament with team and individual prizes, as well as a buffet meal. The entry fee is $100/person, with all proceeds going to the GAM Foundation. Space is limited so be sure to sign up as soon as possible!

You can register as a six-person team, or, you can sign up as an individual or with less than six people and we will match you with other golfers to round out a six-person squad. The individual and team tournaments take place concurrently; you do not enter one or the other, you are automatically in both.


All players get 20 shots. For the individual competition, the player with the highest score will be declared the winner. For the team competition, the best shot from each round within a team will be totaled to determine the winning squad.

The Golf Association of Michigan Foundation was established to provide access to golf for the people of Michigan. We have found a unique, proven program called Youth On Course, which provides young golfers with access to golf courses and instruction and teaches life-long benefits of the game. Through Youth On Course, the GAM Foundation is helping to build the next generation of golfers.

Programs like The First Tee, PGA Junior League Golf, TGA of Southeast Michigan and other local community programs get kids excited about golf but then there is a disconnect for many kids because they can’t afford to play. Cost has prohibited young golfers from pursuing their passion. Youth On Course subsidizes rounds of golf for those aged 6-18 with financial need so that the young golfers pay only $5 per round. By supporting the GAM Foundation, you can help to ensure young golfers stay on the links for a lifetime.

If you have any questions about the GAM Foundation, Youth of Course, or the Topgolf Challenge, please contact the GAM at 248.478.9242.