Michigan Golf Alliance Earns Award from National Golf Course Owners

  EAST LANSING – The 2020 pandemic efforts of the Michigan Golf Alliance, which includes the Golf Association of Michigan, have been recognized with the Champion Award by the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA).

  “Each year the NGCOA recognizes those that have helped preserve the tradition of the game while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the golf business, and it’s wonderful that they see the same thing we see –  that the teamwork of the Alliance on behalf of the Michigan golf industry truly exemplified those things,” said Jada Paisley, executive director of the Michigan Golf Course Association (MGCA) in announcing the honor today.

  The NGCOA’s Champion Award is bestowed upon individuals or entities that have succeeded in working on behalf of a group of owners and have garnered significant victory for its members.

  The Michigan Golf Alliance, a cooperative body of five state golf associations formed in 2008, worked and lobbied on behalf of the golf industry in 2020 communicating with government officials through the pandemic to clarify industry needs, safety protocols and executive order compliance.

  “The Alliance stepped up and led the way when the pandemic response was changing dramatically day-by-day,” Paisley said. “It was a tremendous example of teamwork for all the golf courses and the golfers in our state, as well as a great industry that benefits Michigan in so many important ways beyond its $4.2 billion in economic impact.”

   Chris Whitten, GAM executive director, said the GAM was especially proud to work with its association peers in Michigan this year on behalf of golf.

  “I feel that our Michigan Golf Alliance representatives work very effectively together, and those relationships served us well when such unique challenges hit in 2020,” he said. “This kind recognition is a testament to that. Every group in the industry played a unique and important part in golf opening safely, and we’re all glad that golfers were able to enjoy their favorite game in such a difficult year.”

  Alliance members include the Michigan Golf Course Association, the GAM, the Michigan Section PGA, the Michigan Golf Course Superintendents Association, and the Greater Michigan Club Management Association. Although the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation (MTF) could not be part of the government advocacy due to its non-profit status, Paisley said the Alliance would like to recognize the MTF for information the group collects and continues to provide regarding turf research.