MWGA Program brings golf to more Girls

MWGA Program brings golf to more Girls

The LPGA/USGA Girls Golf Program that the Michigan Women?s Golf Association (MWGA) ran for the last month or so has come to an end. The last day began with the final lesson given by teaching professional, Julia Baldwin, and ended with an exciting Scramble Event. Julia was the perfect person for this endeavor, as she is compassionate and yet disciplined and loved by the Girls. A good number of parents and siblings comprised a fan club for Coach Baldwin?s students. The excitement grew as Rhonda Walker, our own Channel 4 (WDIV) night time news anchor, arrived to give encouragement to her Girls (Rhonda Walker Foundation) and make sure the program met everyone?s expectations. And did it ever!
There were prizes for all, even the little sisters who were present to root for their big sisters. Give-away items included visors from Last Minute Golfer, tees and other golf paraphernalia, and, of course golf balls. Cynthia Pinkard MWGA board member brought a set of slightly used clubs to give to the student with the best participation. Joya James only missed one session because of illness and won. She was so over come with emotion that she cried. I was pleased to see that her peers were happy that she won and Cynthia?s generosity contributed to that contagious happiness! Along with Cynthia, board members Inez Bridges, Sara Wold and Nancy Serra gave their extra clubs so that each student went away with at least two clubs so that they could practice.
Anyone, who might have thought that this program was not going to be successful or was not needed, should have been there. It was very gratifying to those who were present. And those who were involved in planning this program were the recipients of many hugs from the Girls who, so obviously, appreciated and were thankful for our efforts.
This is just the beginning of an on-going MWGA program in which we are committed to bringing the sport of golf to young girls, who, we hope, in the future will become MWGA members. We thank the LPGA, USGA and the RWF for their support and their enthusiasm!

For the Good of the Game,
Nancy Serra, President