Inventor of K-Vest Offers Workshop at The Meadows @GVSU

(Allendale, Michigan)—Michael Bentley, the inventor of the K-Vest–one of the most innovative golf instructional tools in recent years–will be at The Meadows Golf Course in Allendale, MI on Aug. 24-25 and offer a 2-day workshop for players and teachers alike. Bentley, founder of Bentley Kinetics of Bedford, New Hampshire, will join local PGA teaching professional Scot Dowling at The Meadows on the campus of Grand Valley State University to demonstrate the Kinetic Swing System.

Developed after 15 years of research by Bentley?a son of a teaching professional?the Kinetic Swing System is a breakthrough scientific model for power and efficiency in the golf swing. Students utilize the body’s innate ability to transfer energy from the ground up through each segment of the body and into the golf club. A key tool in the instruction is the use of a K-(Kinetic) Vest worn by the student that electronically relays vital swing data to a computer monitor. As Michigan?s first golf professional to gain Kinetic Swing Certification, Dowling says the K-Vest has been an invaluable help in improving his students? swings. ?This system and the K-Vest have greatly simplified my teaching and allowed my students to quickly grasp their swing?s strengths and faults,? said Dowling who?s been using the system since early this year. ?As an added plus, this system provides an individual workout program that reduces the chance of injury on one?s body.?

Here are the details on the workshop, limited to the first 24 golfers registered.

What: The Kinetic Swing System Workshop

When: Aug. 24-25, 2007, from 9 am-1:00 pm each day.

Where: The Meadows Golf Academy, GVSU, Allendale, Mich.

Cost: $399.95

Register: Call 616-889-8682 or email [email protected]

In addition to Dowling, the Golf Academy at The Meadows also features instruction from the club?s other professionals, Director of Golf Don Underwood, PGA professional Byde Kephardt and LPGA professional Lori Stinson. Underwood and Stinson are the head coaches of the Grand Valley men?s and women?s golf teams, respectively, and are active in a wide variety of instructional options offered by The Meadows. For more information about The Meadows call 616-895-1000 or visit [email protected]