Potential Evans Scholars interview in front of 150 WGA Selection Committee Members at Meadowbrook CC

The Best Day in GolfPotential Evans Scholars interview in front of 150 Western Golf Association Selection Committee Members at Meadowbrook CC

NORTHVILLE – The Western Golf Association (WGA) held its annual Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship Selection Committee meeting at Meadowbrook Country Club today to interview the 22 Michigan Caddie Scholarship finalists. The Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship is a full tuition and housing college scholarship for golf caddies. Since 1930, more than 9,000 men and women have graduated as Evans Scholars. Most recipients attend one of the 14 universities across the nation where the Evans Scholars Foundation owns and operates a Scholarship House. The state of Michigan supports two houses — Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. This scholarship is the largest privately funded scholarship program in the country. WGA Directors, GAM Member Clubs and officials, and individual contributions help support this program in Michigan.

Evans Scholarship is for caddies who demonstrate financial need and who are well-rounded students with high academics scores who have demonstrated strong leadership skills. The Golf Association of Michigan is an allied association of the WGA and helps in fundraising efforts as well as the promotion of caddies at golf facilities.

Today the finalists go before the Selection Committee (150 committee members were in attendance at today’s interviews) to answer questions about their college plans, their high school career, hobbies and special interests. After the interviews, the WGA committee will determine who will receive a Chick Evans Scholarship to either the University of Michigan or Michigan State University. Those scholarships will be awarded some time in the next two weeks.

“When you see the candidates come here and you hear their stories, you realize that this can be a life-changing experience for them,” said David Robinson, Evans Scholar Director from Red Run GC. “This is what they’ve been working toward for four years and to be part of that process is extremely rewarding.”

The current economic conditions in Michigan have not caused the Evans Scholarship Foundation to change its criteria for applicants and Jeff  Harrison, WGA/Evans Scholar Foundation Vice President of Education, says the amount of applicants has certainly not decreased in recent years.

“We have just as many applicants as always,” said Harrison. “Even though all of us on the selection committee have read the applications and know the background of the applicants, you still see many of the committee members getting choked up. It’s very rewarding to be a part of this interview process.”

This year’s Evans Scholarship finalists are:

David Pawlak (Lochmoor Club)

Thomas Halling (Oakland Hills CC)

Kayla Hamby (Red Run GC)

Kevin Cunningham (Red Run GC)

Chris Janson (Lochmoor Club)

Kirsten Gutowski (Meadowbrook CC)

Vincent Hankes (Orchard Lake CC)

Connor Waldo (Meadowbrook CC)

Montgomery Owsiany (Lochmoor Club)

Auguste Taylor (Oakland Hills CC)

Eric Shomo (Grosse Ile Golf & CC)

Katherine Nagley (Oakland Hills CC)

Daniel Scipione (Meadowbrook CC)

Eric Reilly (Dearborn CC)
Steven Tuyo (Western G&CC)
Elaine Brewster (CC of Jackson)

Tyler Bapst (CC of Jackson)

Paul Casey (Blythefield CC)

Evan Bruin (Blythefield CC)

Nicholas Kaley (Point O’Woods G&CC)

Matthew Roling (Knollwood CC)

Michael Zuke (Forest Lake CC)

The Evans Scholarship committee also made a special presentation honoring Rosie Rockov of the Golf Association of Michigan for her 13-plus years of service to the WGA and the Chick Evans Scholars Foundation. Rockov helps to set up and plan the annual Selection Committee meeting and has worked on Evans Scholarship events with Meadowbrook’s Evans Scholarship Director Brian Mills for the past 13 years. Rockov plans to retire from the Golf Association of Michigan later this year.