Fall Dining Specials at White Pine National

If you?re craving some of Deb?s great cooking, you?d better get here, fast! This is the last week the dining room will be open in 2007! There?s still some great dining to be enjoyed, but times a wastin? so get here before we close!

Monday night will be our last all you can eat soup and salad bar buffet. This has been so tasty and enjoyed by everyone, so we?re planning to serve it every Monday evening all next season. Deb cooks up 2 of our homemade soup recipes and then sets out all the fixings for a great salad, along with some other salads,(like potato or macaroni, jello, pasta or something equally as yummy) some rolls, cottage cheese, pickles, olives, beets, and maybe some chicken wings or lasagna or some other warm surprise. You can nibble to your heart?s content and if your heart?s not content until you have a sweet treat, you can help yourself to our all you can eat sundae bar! I love Mondays!

Wednesday is the Bionic Buck Open. We?ll have a 12:00 shot gun start, a hot dog and chili buffet and a shot of ?rot gut? to get your hunting season started right.

Wednesday evening we?ll be serving up a Hunter?s Harvest buffet with plenty of our great fried chicken, mashed potatoes, tuna steaks, and what ever else Deb?s got going. I know she?s been baking for over a week and filling the freezer with pumpkin bread and other goodies. This ought to be a great time. Come for the Bionic Buck Open, and afterward, play some cards and hang out till dinner time and enjoy the bounty of the harvest.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we?ll have lunch ready when you come out of the woods (or when you come out of the house, if you overslept!). We?ll have a soup and sandwich buffet every afternoon, starting around 11:00. Deb?s homemade soup and your sandwich building skills should make a pretty yummy combination. No muss, no fuss, and you?ve got lunch in time to get back to your nest for an afternoon nap!

Thursday evening is Bring and Brag night. Bring a picture of the buck you bagged (or, bring the buck!) to show us all or, if your luck wasn?t as good as you hoped on opening day, brag about the one that got away! We?ll have our steak and shrimp dinner special ready whenever you are ready to celebrate! (or, you can order off the menu, if you?d like)

Friday and Saturday evening dinner will be served from our regular menu, but we?ll have a fried pork chop special on Friday and beef rouladen special on Saturday.

We?re going to celebrate our last day of the season with buffets all day long. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, so whenever you?re hungry, come on over, we?ll have something ready for you!