Shanty Creek Resorts Impacts the Future of the Game

Shanty Creek Resorts Impacts the Future of the Game
Four season resort making golf fun, fast, and easier for guests

Bellaire, MI – Shanty Creek Resorts (SCR), one of northern Michigan’s premier golf destinations and always progressive with its golf offerings, is doing its part to help grow the game of golf and make it fun, fast, and easier for kids and beginners in 2012.
In an effort to make the game more approachable and easier for beginners or less experienced players, the resort will be adding 8” cups to each hole on the Schuss Mountain course, in addition to its traditional 4 ¼” cups. At the Summit Golf Club a new set of forward tees have been developed ranging from 95 yards to 125 yards making the game easier and quicker.
This radical change is part of the “Golf 2.0” campaign that Jack Nicklaus has been urging members of the PGA to adopt to restore fun, particularly with women and junior players, to the game and increase players taking up the game.
Nicklaus was recently quoted during a unique 12-hole event at his Muirfield Village Golf Club, where the club also implemented 8” cups stating: “With so many sports and activities fighting for the time and attention of families, we need to think of ways to make our game more attractive and thus more inviting, especially to children and young adults. The time has come for the golf community to make a fresh start for the benefit of the future of the game, and show new people that the game of golf can be about makeable putts, camaraderie and enjoyable competition played out in a timely manner.”
Nicklaus’ comments are not going unnoticed in the industry. SCR is hoping that by providing the option of 8” cups, forward tees, and implementing the new “Tee it Forward” initiative from the PGA, that the resort can get more participation and guests to try the game and recognize it can be a fun activity that women, kids, families, and beginner players enjoy.
SCR is also encouraging more kids, women, and families to play more golf at the resort this season. Children under the age of 17 will be able to golf for FREE on the Schuss Mountain and Summit Golf Club, with a paying adult seven days a week. Also, on Sundays after 2 p.m., kids can play a free round on The Legend and Cedar River golf courses.
Kids and families will enjoy the new beginner tees on the Summit Course, and the 8” cups at Schuss Mountain, which is the perfect opportunity to experience the game of golf in a non-intimidating atmosphere and show that golf can be a fun, fast, and enjoyable sport.
“SCRs four golf courses provide, more than anything, variety. Incorporating elements of the PGA of America’s “Golf 2.0” strategy into the Schuss and Summit courses increases the variety of golf available, and in doing so opens up the game to more people,” said Brian Kautz, Director of Golf and PGA Pro at SCR. “Our goal is to grow the game’s appeal and make playing more enjoyable for everyone.”
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