2011-2012 GAM Rules of Golf Seminars

Every four years the United States Golf Association and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland, re-issue the Rules of Golf including changes in the Rules and Decisions. These Rules changes will be discussed this winter during the Golf Association of Michigan’s seminars on the Rules of Golf.  The majority of these seminars will be presented at the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame, in the Troy Office Center Building at 320 E. Big Beaver Road in Troy. A western Michigan seminar will be held near Grand Rapids at Egypt Valley Country Club in Ada.  There will be two different programs for the seminars this year, and sessions will be held on some evenings and Saturdays. The cost is $10 per two-hour session and will include the 2012-2013 Rules of Golf booklet. All sessions will cover any important changes in the Rules for 2012. To register, call Jeanne Myers at 248-478-9242, ext. 14 or email her at [email protected].

Program One

This is the presentation which was given last winter and spring (December 2010-April 2011) at the Hall of Fame. It primarily covers the relief options: Unplayable Ball, Water Hazards, Provisional Ball, relief from obstructions and abnormal ground conditions, but this year will also include the new Rules changes.  This program will be offered on the following schedule:

                December 6       3:00 PM (Tuesday)

                January 10           6:00 PM (Tuesday evening)

                February 11        10:00 AM (Saturday)

                February 16        3:00 PM (Thursday) – Egypt Valley Country Club

                March 6                3:00 PM (Tuesday)

Program Two

This program is entitled “The Rules of Golf Are Easy EXCEPT…………” and focuses on the general Rules and then all the exceptions which make the Rules complicated.  If you have already attended a Hall of Fame seminar last winter, we would suggest you attend one of these Program 2 seminars. This program will cover any new Rules changes for 2012 and will be offered on the following schedule:

                December 13     3:00 PM (Tuesday)

                January 21           10:00 AM (Saturday)

                February 21        6:00 PM (Tuesday evening)

                March 13             3:00 PM (Tuesday)