Women Posting from Men’s Tees

We have had a lot of questions this week regarding women playing from the men’s tees and what is the proper way to post those scores. Below is an excerpt from the USGA Handicap Manual that explains exactly how to handle that situation!  

g. Posting a Score from an Unrated Set of Tees on a Rated Course

Authorized golf associations issue a USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating for the most commonly played sets of tees. If a USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating from a selected set of tees are not available for the appropriate gender, the player may apply the following procedure on a temporary basis:

• Locate the nearest set of rated tees for the appropriate gender;

• Determine the yardage difference between the set of tees being played and the rated set of tees;

• Using the following table, find the range that includes the yardage difference;