New Look to GAM Web Site

You might have noticed that the GAM web site at has a new look. Now, when you are on the GAM home page and go to the “handicap lookup” feature you can choose to look at different parts of your handicap information separately instead of looking at everything at once:

                Handicap summary – Give you your index, lowest index for the past 12 months, 20 scores used by the USGA to calculate your index, and number of rounds played this year to date.

                Index Calculation – Shows the mathematical formula used to calculate your index.

                Score History – Lists your scores starting with the most –recent score posted and includes your score, name of the course played, slope and rating of the course and differential.

                Index History – Starts with your most recent index and shows your complete index history at each revision.

`               9 Hole History – Shows all posted 9-hole scores starting with the most recent posted score.

If you want to see your handicap information in the “classic” form as it appeared on the old GAM web site, you can log into your GAM account and go to POST SCORE in the members menu.