Score to Post if Match Ends in Fewer Than 18 Holes and Player Completes Round

Score to Post if Match Ends in Fewer Than 18 Holes and Player Completes Round:

Q: My club conducts a yearlong match play competition here at our club. Normally, if a match ends in fewer than 18-holes, we encourage players to play the remaining holes and use the hole-by-hole scores made on the post-match holes for handicap purposes. However, recently we have noticed that players are deliberately inflating their scores on the post-match holes to inflate their Handicap Index?. Can the club apply a mandatory policy in which players are required to post ?par plus?, per Section 4-2 of ?The USGA Handicap System? manual, on the remaining holes ?

A: According to Decision 5-2a/7 of ?The USGA Handicap System? manual, the players should post the actual scores on the post-match holes. If the committee feels that players are manipulating their handicap by reporting more or fewer strokes than actually scored, or deliberately taking extra strokes to inflate their score, the Handicap Committee can adjust their Handicap Index? on an individual basis in accordance with the provisions outlined in Section 8-4 c(v). The USGA does not recommend that a club?s Handicap Committee adopt a policy in which a player must post ?par plus? on the remaining holes for handicap posting purposes.

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