Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs Celebrates 20 Years

   HOLLAND – Award-winning Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs, Inc. is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this month, and looking forward to another 20.

  “Wow, time flies when you are having fun,” Raymond Hearn, the company’s president and founder said when the company reached 20-years-old on May 10. 

   “We have been blessed to work at some incredible clubs (restoration and remodeling) and on some great sites (new design).  We particularly enjoy work on older classical courses.” 

    Currently Hearn’s team is working on some high-profile restoration and remodeling projects in Michigan, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, Texas and Florida. The projects are in varying stages. 

   “We also have completed a full 18-hole renovation in Central America (Panama) and have two new 18-hole resort designs on the boards in the Dominican Republic and El Salvador — both in the early stages,” Hearn said. 

    Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs intentionally tries to limit new 18-hole design assignments to focus on restoration and remodeling projects at existing clubs throughout the United States.  

   “We enjoy this work most,” Hearn said. “We made this decision about seven years ago to focus on existing course restoration and remodeling work, and it has paid off as existing new 18-hole design projects are pretty rare nowadays,” Hearn said. 

   The firm’s work in 2016 and 2017 includes projects at pre-1930 clubs as well as more modern courses. 

    “Our work is pretty diversified in the private, resort, public and municipal course sectors,” Hearn said. “We look forward to selectively crafting course improvements at more vintage classical courses while sprinkling in a few new 18 holes assignments for another 20 years or so.” 

   Hearn’s firm has won multiple awards for renovation and innovation in recent years – including the Global Innovator Award from Golf Inc. Magazine in 2013 and Renovation of the Year Awards from Golf Magazine (2010 and 2014) for his work at Flossmoor Country Club and Mistwood Golf Club in Illinois – but beyond the awards he said, are other factors. 

   “Not many people can say that they have enjoyed coming to work every day for the last 20 years,” he said. “My staff and I are very fortunate!  Redesign and designing golf courses is a labor of love for us.”