Milford?s Mystic Creek Experiencing a Rebirth

Milford’s Mystic Creek Experiencing a Rebirth

You always hear it during baseball’s spring training; players declaring they’re in the best shape of their lives. Mystic Creek Golf Course General Manager and Head Professional Trent Smith is here to tell you his golf course is in the best shape of its life – or at the very least the best shape it has been in the past five years.

“We are definitely on the comeback,” says Smith. “We have a new superintendent who is doing some great things and we have very high expectations. We have made great strides even since last fall.”

Mystic Creek’s 27 holes are nestled inside of Camp Dearborn in Milford. The three 9-hole course are called Lakes, Woods and Meadows and the terrain of each course is reflective of it moniker.

“The Lakes course, eight of the nine holes have water on them,” says Smith. “The Woods course has an up north feel with a lot of elevations and the Meadows is very open with rolling terrain and fescues.”

Three different courses, three distinct atmospheres. None of the courses are overly long and all are very playable.

“A lot of the ladies like our course,” says Smith.

In addition to three great 9-hole courses, Mystic Creek also has a driving range and miniature golf. Those activities are a draw for families as well as campers at Camp Dearborn who often make their way over to the golf course.

“Sometimes the campers come up and hit range balls or play miniature golf,” says Smith. “I think it is nice to have that option here for the campers.”

Golfers who like Mystic Creek but are looking for a less rustic experience can look forward to the next phase of the golf course’s growth. By the middle of next season, Mystic Creek plans to have luxury cabins available for rent and for stay-and-play packages.

“In the future we are going to get more into the stay-and-play kind of thing with luxurious cabins which will be very interesting,” says Smith. “You will be able to take your golf card and drive it right back to your cabin.”

Although there is much beauty to be seen on this course, which opened in 1997, Smith dubs the 8th hole on the Lakes course as Mystic Creek’s signature hole.

“It is an 80-foot drop from tee to fairway and you have to hit over water – a 190-yard carry,” says Smith. “It shows the countryside and is so beautiful from up there. Nothing in the area really has that kind of scenery because you feel like you are up north. There are no residential properties around the course so you don’t have to worry about hitting into someone’s yard or anything.”

.Visit Mystic Creek’s web site at and make sure to check out the photo gallery. Lakes? Woods? Meadows? Decisions, decisions!