Club Course Rating Application

Course Rating

An official Course Rating allows golfers interested in maintaining a USGA Handicap Index the ability to post scores for rounds played at your facility. The Course Rating will keep your course in compliance for another 10 years and GAM member clubs get a complimentary 10-year re-rating. The GAM will provide the following as part of our Course Rating Service:

  • Verified Yardage Measurements for each tee
  • Course Rating and Slope Rating for each tee
  • Stroke Index (Handicap Hole Allocation) for Men and Women
  • Ability to create “Hybrid or Combo” tee Ratings
    For Private and Public Clubs Needing to be Rated or Re-rated
    • Please fill out the Club Course Rating Application Form below
    • A member of the GAM Course Rating staff will contact the club soon after receipt to begin the process of rating the course

    USGA-GAM Club Course Rating Application

    Reason for Rating / Re-rating
    Number of Tees to be Rated (Men) *
    Number of Tees to be Rated (Women) *
    When the GAM Course Rating team comes to rate it would be appreciated if lunch would be provided by the golf facility. GAM is a non-profit organization, and the raters are volunteers. Lunch is very abbreviated and meant to be modest (hamburger or hot dog). Will you provide lunch for the raters?*

    Course Rating