Key Tournament Information for 2023 Registration

Key Reminders & Instructions for GAM Tournament and GAM Golf Day Registration 

  • You must create a GAM Golf Genius Account to register for any GAM Tournament or GAM Golf Day.
  • You DO NOT need to log in to the Member Dashboard on to register for Tournaments or Golf Days. You will only need to log in to your GAM Golf Genius Account with the email address and password on file with Golf Genius. However, GAM Tournaments and GAM Golf Days do require that you have an active GAM Membership.  
  • DO NOT go to the Golf Genius smartphone app to register for events. The Golf Genius smartphone app is only for Live Scoring during competitions. It is NOT to be used for event registration. 
  • If you plan on signing up for a team competition or GAM Golf Day with other players, make sure that everyone in your team/group has established a GAM Golf Genius Profile.  
  • When completing the payment process in Golf Genius, the billing address you enter MUST match what is on file with the applicable financial institution. If it does not match the transaction will be declined. 
  • Please be aware that your spot in an event field is confirmed when you complete the payment process, NOT WHEN YOU PLACE AN EVENT IN YOUR “SHOPPING CART”.  
  • If you are signing up for a GAM Golf Day by yourself and do not have a pairing request at registration time, you can put “None” or “N/A” in the pairings request field. 
  • If you are adding your name to the waitlist for a GAM Tournament or GAM Golf Day, you will be asked to provide credit card information. However, your credit card will not be charged unless you are promoted into the competition.