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Pairings: Round 2
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1:30 PM1 Trent Barth
Cameron Carroll
Joey Coriasso
1:30 PM10 August Meekhof
Pierce Morrissey
Bradley Smithson
1:40 PM1 Jake Radom
Zachary Rosendale
Ben Smith
1:40 PM10 Logan Anuszkiewicz
Kevin Healy
Brandt Nelson
1:50 PM1 Bryce Dorough
Connor Jakacki
Quinn O'Leary
1:50 PM10 Parker Jamieson
Jackson Jones
Tyler Rayman
2:00 PM1 Bryce Brief
Cameron Cowland
Edward Shen
2:00 PM10 Tony Fuentes
Nick Krueger
Eric Nunn
2:10 PM1 Braedon Creal
Mitch Lowney
TJ Saunby
2:10 PM10 Terry Fortuna
Benjamin Pejka
James Hill
2:20 PM1 Zachary Colburn
Luke Schafer
Ryan Skislak
2:20 PM10 Patrick Deardorff
Logan Holtkamp
Noah Kolar
2:30 PM1 Joshua Anderson
Harrison Bowman
Charles DeLong
2:30 PM10 Brady Dice
Zack Hopkins
Henry Scavone
2:40 PM1 Kyle Lindsey
Rory Myers
Hayden VanErmen
2:40 PM10 Brendan Britz
Jackson Stowe
Owen Tucci
2:50 PM1 Avry Freel
Curtis Hughes
Ben VanGorder
2:50 PM10 Anthony Comito
Jimmy Dales
Justin Kapke
3:00 PM1 Austin Fauser
Connor Lenhart
Jackson Tellerico
3:00 PM10 Will Anderson
Cole Ketterer
Haydon Chapman
3:10 PM10 Brendan O'Rourke
Dyllan Skinner
Thomas Hursey
3:10 PM1 Trevor Davis
Zachary Fraser
Matt Good
3:20 PM1 Austin Friesen
Brenden Harris
Ben Strong
3:20 PM10 Tyler Eedy
Colin Sikkenga
Patrick Sullivan
3:30 PM1 Spencer Higginbottom
Satchel Pierce
Nicholas Tanovich
3:30 PM10 Davis Codd
Carter Housler
Justin Sui
3:40 PM1 Shaunak Bhagat
Joshua Kuhn
Cole Smaka
3:40 PM10 Abhinav Alluri
Cooper Bell
Parker Pickell
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