Tournament FAQs


Tournament FAQs

In response to the uncertain environment with COVID-19, GAM Tournaments will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by staff, the championship committee, and the officer team with several criteria in mind. Updates will be released on and emailed directly to registered players. 

Tournament staff will forecast various approaches and scenarios that will shape decision making such as safety protocols, volunteer needs, facility resources and external factors. Policies at events will be adjusted for players to emphasize health and safety. 

If you log into your GAM Member account, the events that are visible under the “Register for Event” section are the events you are eligible. Before registering, be sure to read the application for each tournament you are registering for. There are additional items that may not be picked up by online registration. Once you turn in your registration (in the mail or online) you are verifying that you meet all requirements of an eligible participant.

You can sign up for GAM Tournaments and GAM Golf Days through the GAM website. You can either log in with your user name and password and sign up on line, or you can print out an application and mail it to: 39255 Country Club Drive, Suite B40, Farmington Hills, MI 48331 ATN: TOURNAMENTS. 

The age that defines a “Senior” in GAM Championships is 50 for Women and 55 for Men. The USGA has this same standard for senior amateur competitions. The Championships that you are eligible for dependent upon age should automatically come up on the tournament registration page once you log into your GAM member account.

To formally withdraw from a GAM Championship or Qualifier, please e-mail [email protected]. In the e-mail, please state your name, the tournament you are withdrawing from, and the reason for your withdrawal. If you need to withdraw within 24 hours of the tournament, please call the GAM WD Hotline at (248) 478-9242 ext. 124.

Yes, as long as the device is used to measure distance only. It must not be used to measure other conditions such as wind speed or direction, the slope of the ground or the temperature.

The GAM adopts the One Ball Rule for all of our Championships except for the Senior Women’s Tournaments, Net Tournaments, Senior/Mid-Am Team Championship, and Junior Championships.

Within the Championships section of, you will find links to tournament results, player memos, and pairings. Links to the individual pages for each GAM Tournament can be found here. offers a great resource to check your equipment and whether it conforms to the Rules of Golf.

Amateur Status

An amateur playing in a scratch competition is allowed to accept any prize, including prize money, up to a limit of £700 or US$1000 in value, per competition, unless the national governing body has set a lower limit.

For the purposes of these Rules, a scratch competition is a competition that does not have a net score element in any part of the competition and handicaps must not be used to separate players into different scratch categories. Any competition that is not a scratch competition is a handicap competition.

A prize for a hole-in-one made while playing golf may exceed the prize limit. The term “while playing golf” means during a stipulated round, not during a stand-alone hole-in-one contest.

There is no limit on the amount of expense money a player may receive from a family member. If the expense money is not from family and exceeds $300, a golfer needs to make arrangements through his local golf association. Junior golfers may receive expenses to play in junior tournaments, but NCAA eligibility rules need to be checked

Go to the United States Golf Association website – – and click on Rules and then Amateur Status.

If the period during which you were in violation of the Rules of Amateur Status is under five years, you will have to wait about one year from the date of the last breach of the Rules. You will have to wait two years if the period of the breach was longer than five years.

As an “applicant for reinstatement” you may enter tournaments among members of a club where you are a member, subject to the approval of the club.


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