Multi-Member Rebate Program

Rebate Program For Golfers Who Are Members of More than One GAM Club

For the current membership year, a golfer who is a member of the GAM through more than one club is eligible to apply for and receive a rebate directly from the GAM for $15 per additional club at the end of the season.

Golfers who are members of multiple GAM clubs in the same calendar year with the same member information at each club (GHIN number, home address, and email) are eligible for a $15 rebate per club beginning with the 2nd membership club. Rebates are based on an annual membership cycle and members must reapply for the rebate each year.

The deadline for filing a refund is November 15. No rebates will be issued before December 1, yet all will be issued via mail no later than December 31. All submissions are subject to verification by the GAM. Confirmation by GAM that each club paid on behalf of the member is required. Memberships that are excluded from the GAM multi-member rebate program include but are not limited to YOUTH ON COURSE memberships, JUNIOR memberships, UP Clubs, WOMENS DISTRICT GOLF ASSOCIATION and memberships with STATE GOLF ASSOCIATIONS other than the GAM such as FSGA (Florida), CDGA (Chicago), AGA (Arizona), etc.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] or (248) 478-9242.

Complete this form to apply for your rebate. 


Complete this form to apply for your rebate.