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The mission of the Golf Association of Michigan is to promote, preserve and serve the game of golf throughout the State of Michigan. The GAM is a non-profit organization and relies on volunteers to assist in delivering the highest quality of service to our 470 plus clubs and our 90,000 individual members. Volunteers donate time and experience to the GAM for the love of the game. The GAM uses volunteers in its Championship Department programs to help to conduct over 100 days of competition each summer.

Each summer the GAM Championship Department conducts over 100 days of tournament competition. These tournament days fall primarily on Mondays through Fridays. Some of these days involve 36 holes of golf, which requires a considerable number of volunteers. We would not be able to conduct the competitions without our dedicated “field staff” of volunteers working these events in many capacities.

GAM Tournament Volunteers fill a variety of roles:

Trouble Hole

Tournament Volunteers are stationed at the holes where players are most likely to encounter difficulties with rulings, ball searches, or pace of play. These workers are crucial in making sure the GAM has eyes and ears at key parts of the course at all times. At times, two Trouble Hole workers will be placed on a hole, one near the teeing ground, the other in the likely landing area.


The Rover roles are given to the most experienced and knowledgeable GAM Tournament Volunteers. Typically one Rover will monitor the front nine of a course while another monitors the back. Rovers are responsible for confirming that the tees and hole locations are set in the proper position prior to the round. They are also the primary communicators of Pace of Play matters to the players during the round. Trouble Hole workers are encouraged to radio in rulings to Rovers if there are any questions on proper procedure.


The starters are positioned on the first and tenth tees to start each group at the exact starting time on the starting sheet. The starter provides player instructions, distributes hole location sheets, the GAM Pace of Play Policy, Local Rules, and scorecards. The starter may have to assess penalties to players who are late to the tee.

Match Referee

In Match Play tournaments, the GAM aims to have a Referee assigned to each match. In Match Play, referees decide questions of fact, assist with rulings, and announce the scores and status of the match after each hole. 

The only prerequisite is a desire to give back to the game. Volunteers may sign up for full days (8 to 10 hours) or half days (4 to 5 hours). The GAM provides lunch for all volunteers. All volunteers will be required to buy a GAM uniform shirt, which is worn with khaki slacks at GAM tournaments. If you would like to volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Profile Registration Form above right. If you have further questions please email Ken Hartmann at [email protected].

Tournament Volunteer Registration Form

The following information will be submitted to the appropriate GAM Department. You will be contacted concerning your interest in becoming a GAM Volunteer.


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