YOC Course Information


Interested in becoming a Youth on Course facility?
To be accepted, you must first be a GAM member facility. If you are not yet, please complete the form and include that information in the Comments Section. 


Do you want to help grow the game of golf while building a loyal customer base?
Why not become a participating Youth on Course facility?

Youth on Course players pay no more than $5 for their round of golf, whether it’s 9 or 18 holes, plus your facility receives a subsidy per round from the GAM Foundation to bridge the gap between the club’s posted junior walking rate and the YOC player’s payment. The purpose of Youth on Course is to fill your tee sheet on select days during a specific time slot of your choice. Your club can now fill the traditionally unused times without the loss of revenue and while giving back to the game, providing a safe and fun environment for juniors.

participating course faq

The club will receive payments at least quarterly throughout the golf season. 

There is an online check in system that is very user friendly. The club will create custom login credentials, allowing for quick, easy, and daily registration of YOC players that play at your club.

Youth on Course members should have their Member# available via the YOC app, printed membership card or showing their GHIN mobile app which shows the club affiliation of ‘YOC Michigan’. Membership can be verified by providing their GHIN# which is the same number as their Youth on Course Member#. The preferred method of verifying an active membership is by entering the juniors member # into the YOC portal when they arrive for their round of golf.

The Youth on Course discount should not be utilized during any “organized play”. This includes high school team practice, any outside/organized group instruction, etc. Each organized group is to set up their own course access, while YOC is eligible to the individuals during the off-season or non-organized play time.

No problem! YOU (The Club) set the times that juniors can play the course using this discounted rate. It’s requested that tee times are made by the juniors within the availability set by the club. Tee times can also be required when listing your availability via the YOC app, website or website.


Please consider donating to the GAM FOUNDATION
to support our Youth on Course community