FIVE DOLLAR GOLF FOR KIDS – Youth On Course Rep Helps GAM Spread the Word at Michigan Golf Show

Pictured: Michael Lowe of Youth On Course, left, explains the program to a family at the Michigan Golf Show.

  NOVI – Youth golfers, from age six through 18, will be able to play golf at courses across the state this summer for $5 per round.

   Yes, just $5 as the newly established Golf Association of Michigan Foundation, a (501 (c) (3) tax-deductible non-profit organization, collects charitable donations from the golf community to subsidize the golf courses for their real pricing on green fees.

  “Youth On Course” is in Michigan, and Youth On Course Representative Michael Lowe was in the house at the Golf Association of Michigan booth during the Michigan Golf Show at Suburban Collection Showplace through the weekend.

  “We want to spread awareness of Youth On Course to families and courses in the area,” Lowe said Saturday at the popular show. “As far as we are concerned if a kid is going to play golf once a year or one hundred times a year, if they are a member of youth on course they are going to save their family some money.”

  Lowe helped explain to families and golf course representatives and owners the successful program that is helping to grow the game of golf across the nation.

  The GAM is one of 14 state golf associations currently working with Youth On Course, which was started 10 years about by the Northern California Golf Association and has over 400 golf courses involved allowing 20,000 youth members to play affordable golf.

  Several youth signed on as members at the GAM booth over the weekend for just $5. That membership will allow them to play this summer for $5 per round at participating golf courses. The GAM has already recruited 25 golf courses across the state, and is working toward a goal of 50 or more involved as the golf season progresses.

  “We’re excited about the launching in Michigan this year,” Lowe said. “It is $5 to join for the year, which is certainly one of the lowest membership rates in the country. We’re excited about the number of courses in Michigan already involved. We set up agreements with each course and subsidize the course so they are not taking a hit financially so it is really a win, win, win for everyone.”

  Lowe said it makes sense for courses that are already committed to juniors and already have strong junior programs, and it makes sense for any course that wants to build their clientele through youth and families.

  “Clubs like Forest Akers (in East Lansing) are taking it a step further so that the kids you get involved through Youth On Course also get access to all their other great junior programs,” he said.

   Information on how to get your young golfer involved in Youth On Course is available at

  Information on making a donation to the GAM Foundation’s work with Youth On Course is available at under the Foundation tab.

   Michigan golf courses interested in getting involved should contact the GAM membership staff at 248-478-9242.

  Lowe said that Youth On Course has provided a way to transition young golfers from other junior programs to playing the game.

  “Other programs like First Tee do a great job of introducing the kids to the game, but there is still that financial barrier of actually going out and being able to play,” he said. “This helps with that barrier.”

  Lowe said the goal of Youth On Course is to be in all 50 states by the year 2020.

  “So wherever a kid grows up, they can have a better chance of getting on a golf course,” he said.

  The GAM would like its members and others who support golf to consider a donation for Youth On Course.

   “Youth On Course works,” David Graham, executive director of the GAM said. “Through it the GAM Foundation is helping to build the next generation of golfers.”

-Greg Johnson


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