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For Immediate Release
January 20, 2010

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. ? It?s never too early to start thinking about golf, especially if you live in the snowbelt. The thoughts of pristine skies, emerald fairways and silky greens definitely are an antidote for winter.
Now you can turn your attention to golf in January and keep it there all year long at, the informative and entertaining website from Vartan Kupelian, noted Michigan-based golf writer and author who spent 37 years covering sports at The Detroit News.  Kupelian, president of the Golf Writers Association of America, offers a wide range of topics and stories as he re-launches the popular website with renewed emphasis on Michigan and equipment issues.

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These are some of the things you?ll now find at the new

Clubhouse: This is where it all starts. It?s the ?home page? at Vartan Golf Live. Enter the clubhouse to begin your daily trek through the world of golf.

Michigan: If you want to explore Michigan, we?ll be your guide to the finest, most exciting courses in our state.

Equipment: The only thing more fun than playing golf is talking about the high-tech world of modern golf equipment. Drivers, irons, putters, wedges, balls. Vartan Golf Live brings you the latest. Club Source is the place to come if you?re looking for updates on everything relating to new products, innovations and reviews. Kupelian has been monitoring and reporting the equipment side of the golf industry for more than two decades.

On Tour: Keep up with the professional tours and the best golfers in the world. We?ll give you updates, interviews, results and the buzz on the PGA Tour, the LPGA, Champions Tour, Nationwide Tour and the European Tour.

Burning Questions
: Vartan Golf Live will provide answers to golf?s Burning Questions.

Travel: Need suggestions on where to play regionally, nationally and even internationally? Or do you just like to read about golf?s exotic destinations? It?s all in the Travel section.