A couple of minutes with Kenny Perry

 A couple of minutes with Kenny Perry…

What’s on TV…Your Favorite Programs?

SportsCenter and anything on the SPEED Channel

Outside of golf, what sport do you enjoy watching on TV?

Football, basketball and drag racing

What type of music do you enjoying listening to?

I love country and rock

Person you’d love to trade places for a day with…

The President

Favorite team as a kid and did you have a favorite player?

Minnesota Vikings and Fran Tarkenton

What websites do you have bookmarked on your computer?

Ebay Motors

First job you ever had…

Working at a golf course as a bag boy

Your favorite meal…

Anything my wife cooks

When I’m on Tour, I never miss these restaurants…

P.F Changs and Cracker Barrel

Favorite athlete in another sport…

Brett Favre

All-time favorite movies?

Braveheart and Gladiator

My wife would say my worst habit is…

Being impatient

One course I’ve never played that I’d love to play…

Pine Valley

My most memorable vacation was going to …

No particular vacation, but all the time I’ve spent at the lake with my family

What I currently drive…

Chevy Truck

I’d most like to sit down for a discussion with and why (can be anyone)…

Bryon Nelson…Mr. Nelson was just an extraordinary man and a pleasure to talk to. I learned

something every time I talked to him.

The first concert I ever attended as a kid was…


My most memorable shot was…

Hitting a hole-in-one on the last hole of a match against my dad to beat him for the first time

Do you have a favorite charity you support?

Boys & Girls Club

Does your cell phone have a special ringtone?


If I’m not playing golf, I enjoy…

Working on old cars

My bucket list…

Don’t have one… loved the movie though