Lemonade Wars: It’s The Bear vs. Arnie Again!

If you thought the days of Arnold Palmer vs. Jack Nicklaus were long gone, you haven’t heard about The Bear’s new contribution to the beverage world.

Nicklaus and Arizona Iced Tea have partnered to produce a new line of lemonade dubbed “Golden Bear.” The line features three flavors: honey and ginseng; mango; and strawberry. Arnold Palmer also has a line of beverages from Innovative Flavors LLC that includes his signature half lemonade half iced tea mix.

Both beverages are said to be refreshing as you make your way around the fairways.

The Golden Bear lemonades from Arizona are packaged in 23-ounce cans and each can features a picture of Nicklaus during memorable personal and athletic achievements including his 1978 British Open victory; his 1973 PGA Championship; and his days as an All-Star basketball player at Upper Arlington High School. The Golden Bear beverages, like all Arizona beverages, do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors and colors.